Braeburn Premier Model 5300 Universal Auto Changeover Thermostat

Montgomery, Illinois - February 1, 2007: Braeburn Systems is pleased to introduce our revolutionary new Premier Model 5300 Universal Auto Changeover Thermostat. The 5300 is compatible with virtually all low voltage and millivolt single stage or multi-stage gas, oil or electric heating or cooling systems, including heat pumps with up to two stages of heating and two stages of cooling. The new 5300 replaces over 40 competitive thermostat models, allowing one thermostat to cover all of your high-end residential or commercial thermostat requirements.

Our new universal auto changeover thermostat has more features than our other popular 5000 Series models. The new 5300 offers flexible installer and programming modes that make quick installation a snap.

  • 7 Day / 5-2 Day Programming or Non-Programmable Modes - choose the best operation mode for your specific job.
  • Residential or Commercial Program Modes - each mode provides its own unique programming options to make initial installation quick and easy.
  • Menu-driven Installer and User Setup Modes - simplifies programming steps by automatically removing unnecessary menu options.
  • Dual Powered - choose from hardwired or battery operation to meet specific application requirements.
  • Multi-Level Keypad Lockout - prevents accidental or undesired temperature or settings adjustment, featuring two levels of security to satisfy residential or commercial applications.
  • Programmable Independent Fan Control - allows the user to program the fan to automatically run on a continuous basis during a selected time period
  • Separate Installer Clear Button / User Reset Button - separate buttons prevent accidental erasure of initial installation settings by homeowners or maintenance personnel.
  • Optional 5390 Indoor Remote Sensor - senses the air temperature at a remote location and transmits the information to the 5300.

Braeburn Systems LLC is a manufacturer of digital electronic thermostats and controls located in Montgomery, Illinois. For more information on Braeburn products, a local sales representative, or a distributor in your area contact Braeburn sales department at 866-268-5599 or send a fax to 866-268-8897, or go to our website at and send us an email.